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MBA Admission Essay

For the last several months, while performing a challenging management assignment in my hometown of Lima, Peru, I have been looking for a new means to channel my professional and personal ambitions. Executing my decision to pursue an MBA degree, I had the privilege to learn about Hult International Business School. In the process, I became acquainted with an academic leader; a university with strong roots; a powerful global group, keen to face future challenges. The attached application documents detail my distinctive candidacy for the MBA program in Hult’s London Campus, which I perceive as a unique opportunity. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Promotional Campaign: Analyses of the Atheist Bus Campaign

1 Introduction

Planning and executing a successful campaign is one of the most difficult tasks for political, business and non-governmental organizations. The main reason for that is the immense amount of promotional messages conveyed to the public, which creates a sense of apathy among the target markets or groups. In fact, inhabitants of Western cities are exposed to hundreds or even thousands of such messages a day; therefore, it is imperative that campaigners will constantly think of new ways to approach the public and to get people’s attention to the cause.

This paper analyses a recent international campaign, which started in England and spread across Europe and North America. The Atheist Bus Campaign was launched by several British atheist organizations, mainly as a response to pro-Christian campaigns and due to what seems as an antagonistic consensus towards atheistic views. This campaign provides an extremely important case study for a rather efficient manner of social campaign with international spread. Continue reading

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Microeconomics Research Paper

1 Introduction

How do businesses grow? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question, mainly since it is evidently clear that offering the best service, the best price or the best promotion is no guarantee for success. Therefore, sound business administration implies that a wide array of internal and external factors must be taken into consideration when we try to open, expand or manage a business entity. One of the possible ways to examine this issue is to use tools and theories from the science of microeconomics, whose main concern is “the economic behavior of part(s) of an economic system” (Rutherford, 2002, p. 382). The microeconomic approach does not give us the complete picture of business performance, but it is surely handy in order to develop a logical and systematic decision-making at the single entity’s level. By that this science differs from other studies of economic behavior, such as macroeconomics, which deals with the economic conduct of groups, societies and markets. Continue reading

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Reflection Essay: What I Have Learned by Keeping Journals

Keeping a journal makes me rethink what I have read or seen on a screen as a part of the class content and often helps to understand the meaning of a book or a movie better. A journal is a great way to keep reflection of all my thoughts and feeling about the covered material. I have a feeling that with time I become more confident in my writing skills, as well as analytical thinking, and develop an eye for even more subtle details.

It is interesting to read a journal entry over again, sometimes already with a different perspective. When writing about a certain character, I am forced to recollect the events, motives, and circumstances more carefully. Sometimes I change my opinion while writing or realize that a small piece of information is more significant than I originally thought. Continue reading

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Essay on Sigmund Freud Theories: Kid’s Games and Literary Creations

In his essay “Creative Writer and Day-Dreaming,” Sigmund Freud compares a creative writer (or a poet in German version) to a child. According to Freud, “The creative writer does the same as the child at play. He creates a world of fantasy which he takes very seriously … while separating it sharply from reality.” Freud is known for explaining behavior of adults by the events, which happened in their childhood, not surprisingly, he goes on to say that kid’s imaginary games are the source of writer’s imagination. This quote made me wondering what it really takes to become a creative writer and, since almost every child uses her imagination to play, why not every adult can be a creative writer. Continue reading

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Essay on Creating and Managing Effective Teams in the Workplace

1 Introduction

Contemporary management theories and practices stress to importance of work teams to effective and efficient task performance in organizations. Robbins, Coulter, Cox & Cox provide the rationale behind the predominance of team-based organizational structures, by presenting some main empirical findings that support the notion that teams outperform individuals: (2007) Continue reading

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Article Review: “Doing Nothing is Something” written by Quindlen, A.

In the article “Doing Nothing is Something”, Anna Quindlen tells that today’s American children are overscheduled as the adults are. Parents do not give their children time for “boredom”. They constantly try to schedule summer vacation in any possible way. So thus, they deprive children of any chance to simply bore at least one week. Contrariwise, Quindlen states that “doing nothing” is not a wasted time because it is the time when people actually used to think. Thus, Quindlen argues that parents bring up children with standard thinking as they deprive them of ability to think that is “doing nothing”. Continue reading

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Essay on Cultural Differences between Japan and the United States

As reported by the Central Intelligence Agency (2009), in 2008 Japanese GDP per capita was estimated around $34,200. As the same figures in the US are more than 33% higher ($47,000), it seems safe to assume that productivity of the American workers is significantly higher compared to their Japanese peers. Is such conclusion really justified?

An American reader, being accustomed to the $ sign, may assume that $34,200 represent a sum in US dollar. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that the $ sign is also used to denote 26 other currencies, which are named “dollar,” as well as eight circulating types of peso. In the United States, $34,200 can be enough to buy a sedan, while in Zimbabwe it is not enough to buy even bread. Continue reading

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Essay on Architecture of Istanbul

1) Istanbul is the only city in the world that stands astride two continents. The main part of the city, which forms the south-easternmost extremity of Europe, is separated from its suburbs in Asia by the Bosphorus, which flows through a deep cleft that separates the two continents in the north-western corner of Turkey. The European part of the city is further divided by the Golden Horn, a scimitar shaped estuary fed at its upper end by two streams.

Q1:What effects did this almost unsurpassable natural setting have upon the history of the city from its founding in c. 658 B.C.?

The effects of this unique geography on the development of the city can be demonstrated through several major events from its history:

First, as legend says, when Byzas (the son of Zeus and Keroessa) asked the Oracle of Delphi where he should settle, her answer was “opposite the blind.” Sailing across the Bosporus in 658 B.C., he arrived to a Greek colony at the Asian shore and saw the potential of the west (European) side. The answer to the Delphi’s enigma was thus that the settlers in the East shore were blind to the spot, where Byzantium (the first settlement, which was ruined in approximately 200 AD) was established. Continue reading

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Essay on Ethical Behavior of Sales Personnel

1 Introduction

The interest in the ethical behavior of the workforce has gone far beyond the theoretical discussion of moral standards and social responsibility. In the light of the reason for many recent failures of enterprises, it is clear today that organizations that develop and maintain superior ethical standards reduce their own risk thus increase shareholders’ wealth.

1.1 The Growing Interest in Ethical Conduct of Sales Personnel

Among the main reasons behind this assumption, which has brought about a significant concern to business ethics, are influential factors such as greater legislation, enforcement and control (in particular among OECD member states); increased awareness of the media and the public; the unambiguous link between poor corporate governance and management risk; and the greater concern for customer relationship management (CRM), especially among business-to-business markets. Therefore, in the seek for better ethical behavior, the business community is keen to develop clear and reliable measurements of ethical behavior, as well as to establish predicting mechanisms, which may indicate managements and boards about possible failures in this field. Continue reading

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