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MBA Admission Essay

For the last several months, while performing a challenging management assignment in my hometown of Lima, Peru, I have been looking for a new means to channel my professional and personal ambitions. Executing my decision to pursue an MBA degree, I had the privilege to learn about Hult International Business School. In the process, I became acquainted with an academic leader; a university with strong roots; a powerful global group, keen to face future challenges. The attached application documents detail my distinctive candidacy for the MBA program in Hult’s London Campus, which I perceive as a unique opportunity.

A glance at the important milestones of my last ten years reveals a path of excellence. Determined to pursue business studies in an established international university, I headed to Miami, Florida, immediately after graduating from high school. My days as a BA student were extremely demanding, as I undertook a full-time academic program and had to provide for my studies all by myself. Fortunately, although sometimes I had to make some sacrifices both aspects, my gain was not only a successful graduation despite all the difficulties, but also a series of meaningful hands-on experiences, which were all closely related to my field of studies.

Looking at my professional experience during and after graduation is a source of great pride for me. Starting as a clerk in a computers school, I was quickly promoted to perform a higher set of tasks, in which I had to demonstrate comprehensive understanding of changing situations, close attention to detail and superb people skills. Difficult as it was, this period of my life made me realize the true nature of my abilities and skills. Later on I specialized in insurance and, once more, exceeded my supervisors’ and even my own expectations with my objectively proven achievements.

Taking the lessons I leaned in the US back with me to Peru, I am now working as a marketing specialist with a translation agency. I am pleased with this opportunity, as it is a necessary intermediary step towards working in an international environment, where I represent my company to people from different backgrounds and languages. Nevertheless, as I plan a global career, I am aware of the fact that soon I will have to let go of my position and start again from scratch, an opportunity I find exciting.

Armed with my determination and well-rounded skills, I aspire to commence MBA studies at Hult International Business School. From this point on, I intend to embark into a new journey, which hopefully will prepare me for my personal and professional goals, namely to integrate with the school’s diversified student body and immediately with an international corporation. Unlike many of generation who choose to run away from responsibility, I aim to engage in a managerial career path. Therefore, I am sure that the MBA program, with its exceptional combination of theory and practice, will train me for the upcoming international management tasks that are waiting for me upon graduation.

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