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Same-Sex Marriages Essay

In May 2008, the same-sex marriages were allowed in California. However, after that there was a referendum in November 4, where fifty-two percent of pullers voted against new law. Thus, the majority supported so called Proposition 8. As the result, there was included correction that states that marriage is the union between man and woman. Nevertheless, many people still disagree with the Proposition 8 that, as I think, wrongfully reduces same-sex marriage legalization.

What can people expect from the same-sex marriage legalization? For many opponents of the legalization of gay marriage, an idea that this can increase the number of homosexuals is basic one. I think they have nothing to fear as same-sex marriage legalization will not lead to similar result. Even if one can think that quantity of homosexuals are getting more, the real statistic of the countries where the same-sex marriage legalized does not prove this fact. However, even if same-sex marriage actually has increased the number of gays and lesbians, this fact should not be the basic reason for same-marriage restriction.

It is probably that the legalization of the same-sex marriage can only change the negative public opinion about homosexuality. So we can hope that even after some time, same-sex marriages will be able to reduce the total rejection of homosexuality. They will remove the stereotype that homosexuality poses to human. Most likely, society will see that homosexuals love each other and their attitude to each other is stable that leads to the long-term relationships.

As to the legalization, it gives them more rights and protection and gradually they even could be accepted by society. Gays and lesbians do not pretend to restrict someone’s freedom as well as they do not call anyone to be the same as they are. They just only want their relationships were legalized and be called marriages. New habit will provoke the new thinking about the same relationship in the same way as for heterosexual. People will stop thinking about them as “partners”. They will have a possibility to hear from other members of the society that they are also husbands and wives. They want to be full-fledged members of the society that is by itself not as perfect as probably someone wants to think. As well after legalization of the same-sex marriage, these couples can also have such common for heterosexual traditions as engagement, weddings, and Honeymoons.

Same-sex marriage will not only reduce negative attitude to the homosexuality, it will also help some people to free themselves from the brand of disgrace. Finally, such people could honesty and openly say who they really are without fear of moral and physical violence, loosing their job or misunderstanding between them and their families or friends. One can say that after same-sex marriage legalization the number of homosexuals can rapidly increase. However, the fact that people do not know who among their friends is homosexual doesn’t reduce their real number in society.

In fact, there are many other reasons why same-sex marriages should be legalized. Some of them can be even essential. I mean the legalization will help to reduce social pressure that many single individuals experience. Gays or lesbians can escape from personal problems that usually also injected by the society. After legalization such relationships will be encourage to be more stable in order to provide long-term relationships between homosexuals. Finally, if such relationships will be valid, it will help to defend already existed same-sex couples from the social as well as legal injustice. Finally, what is more important, legalization will definitely protect the children brought up in gay/lesbian families.

According to lawyers, homosexuality is most often seen rather in repressive societies than in the tolerant one. However, there are no any facts of homosexuality increasing in such countries as Netherlands and Belgium where same-sex marriages have already been legalized. Indeed, there is no any connection between same-sex marriages legalization and the homosexuals increasing. So, why we could not allow them to be happier?

Moreover, it is well known that sexual orientation can not be changed or chosen as it biologically determined or simply can be formed when the person is very young. Moreover, sexual orientation can not be changed by the society that always tends to re-educate lesbians or gay. In the long history of struggle, society still can not succeed. So, probably, it is time to change public opinion and free from the dictated stereotypes?

The main reason why homosexuality is seen as evil is religious considerations. Namely, this argumentation is the basis for all the opponents of the same-sex marriage legalization. Summing up public opinion, it should be said that the whole rejection is mainly based on the suggestion that homosexuality is a bad thing.


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