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Research Paper: Life before the Internet and Life after the Internet


Throughout its 50 years of evolution, the Internet has changed human communications and significantly affected the micro and the macro environments.

In the micro level, firms and individuals base an ever-growing portion of their daily activities on Internet-based platforms, some of which replaced former means of communication and others emerged together with the Internet. Similar changes are occurring in macro environments such as cultures and countries; the Internet catalyzes inner structural changes, interactions between groups and the formation of new and fascinating Internet-induced subcultures.

This paper aims to examine several fields in which the internet changes our lives. The assessment of these issues, based on comparisons and contrasts, should shed light on the rate of change and also on its limitations, namely those aspects which were not significantly affected by the Internet and thus remained rather similar to the past. Continue reading


Research Paper on Designing Corporate Identity and Communicating Change

Several years ago, I had a summer job at a small bakery owned and run by my uncle. The bakery sold freshly made bread and pastry and had a small café that served tea, coffee and soft drinks alongside baked products. The total number of employees was eleven, and the corporate culture was very relaxed and family-like. Although there was some formal structure (my uncle was the President and the CEO and his friend and co-founder was Vice-President), decision-making was always informal. All the important decisions were arrived at by consensus. Employees were encouraged to share their ideas as to new products or ways to improve efficiency with each other and the management outside of the framework of any formal procedures. Conflicts were very rare, and the general atmosphere was non-competitive. Such atmosphere can be explained by the fact that the motivation of most employees for working at the bakery was not career growth but pleasant working environment. Continue reading

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