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Microeconomics Research Paper

1 Introduction

How do businesses grow? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question, mainly since it is evidently clear that offering the best service, the best price or the best promotion is no guarantee for success. Therefore, sound business administration implies that a wide array of internal and external factors must be taken into consideration when we try to open, expand or manage a business entity. One of the possible ways to examine this issue is to use tools and theories from the science of microeconomics, whose main concern is “the economic behavior of part(s) of an economic system” (Rutherford, 2002, p. 382). The microeconomic approach does not give us the complete picture of business performance, but it is surely handy in order to develop a logical and systematic decision-making at the single entity’s level. By that this science differs from other studies of economic behavior, such as macroeconomics, which deals with the economic conduct of groups, societies and markets. Continue reading

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Essay on Cultural Differences between Japan and the United States

As reported by the Central Intelligence Agency (2009), in 2008 Japanese GDP per capita was estimated around $34,200. As the same figures in the US are more than 33% higher ($47,000), it seems safe to assume that productivity of the American workers is significantly higher compared to their Japanese peers. Is such conclusion really justified?

An American reader, being accustomed to the $ sign, may assume that $34,200 represent a sum in US dollar. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that the $ sign is also used to denote 26 other currencies, which are named “dollar,” as well as eight circulating types of peso. In the United States, $34,200 can be enough to buy a sedan, while in Zimbabwe it is not enough to buy even bread. Continue reading

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Country Analysis Paper: Belarus and the Ukraine

1. Introduction. (general information about the two countries, GDP, PPP..etc)

Belarus (Byelorussia, or White Russia) and the Republic of Ukraine are two neighbouring former members of the USSR. As such, both share many points of similarity, but also differ in many aspects, many of which are due to the two countries’ different approaches towards the primary member of the former USSR, namely the Russian Federation, who continues to play a dominant role in the region.

Belarus declared its independence from the USSR in August 1990, but has kept strong economic relations with Russia, whose support in terms of e.g. favourable oil prices to its small ally is the main reason for Belarus’ relatively strong economic performance. However, as described in greater detail in later sections of this paper, the overdependence on Russia poses threats on Belarus.

In addition to being the member of the former USSR (best known today as the Commonwealth of Independent States, or CIS) with the closest relations with Russia, Belarus has also retained a rather communist regime. That is, most of the market is tightly controlled by the government and there are rigid restrictions on the press and freedom of speech. Continue reading


Government’s Role in the Economy Essay

The system of internal calculations allows to analyze the economic situation of the country. Various indicators that form the internal calculation system allow to measure the volume of production at any given time and to disclose factors that directly determine the functioning of the economy. Thus, for example, comparing the levels of GDP for the definite period of time, economists can construct a curve describing the functioning of the economy in the long run, as well as to determine how its rise or decline will affect the rate of national growth. Continue reading

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Economic Recession Essay

Only just the financial storm raised by the U.S. mortgage crisis began to tail away, as a new anxiety engulfed markets around the world. In Tokyo, London, Moscow, New York, everywhere, stocks of both famous corporations and little known companies has become cheaper. What is the cause of turmoil at this time? The answer is simple. Market participants were alarmed by the terrible word “recession”. Continue reading

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Domestic Service in Germany Research Paper


In this paper I will present results of my research regarding domestic service in Germany. I will also provide the general information about domestic service, what it is used for and by whom, as well as include general points about cultural and economic issues.

1. Introduction

Domestic service is generally referred to as the service provided by a domestic worker who can either live within the employer’s household or come to do the cleaning and other assigned task on particularly established days. Domestic service provide the families with opportunities for doing their own jobs, spending free time the way the want it, as well as create additional working places. Many families have a strong necessity in flexible support in their daily lives, and in Germany this domestic service market has a great potential for development due to mismatch of demand and supply. Thousands of working places can be possibly generated in the sector of domestic service, but only if there are right economic conditions and sufficient investments. Continue reading

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