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Essay on Ethical Behavior of Sales Personnel

1 Introduction

The interest in the ethical behavior of the workforce has gone far beyond the theoretical discussion of moral standards and social responsibility. In the light of the reason for many recent failures of enterprises, it is clear today that organizations that develop and maintain superior ethical standards reduce their own risk thus increase shareholders’ wealth.

1.1 The Growing Interest in Ethical Conduct of Sales Personnel

Among the main reasons behind this assumption, which has brought about a significant concern to business ethics, are influential factors such as greater legislation, enforcement and control (in particular among OECD member states); increased awareness of the media and the public; the unambiguous link between poor corporate governance and management risk; and the greater concern for customer relationship management (CRM), especially among business-to-business markets. Therefore, in the seek for better ethical behavior, the business community is keen to develop clear and reliable measurements of ethical behavior, as well as to establish predicting mechanisms, which may indicate managements and boards about possible failures in this field. Continue reading

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