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Research Paper on Promotional Campaign: Analyses of the Atheist Bus Campaign

1 Introduction

Planning and executing a successful campaign is one of the most difficult tasks for political, business and non-governmental organizations. The main reason for that is the immense amount of promotional messages conveyed to the public, which creates a sense of apathy among the target markets or groups. In fact, inhabitants of Western cities are exposed to hundreds or even thousands of such messages a day; therefore, it is imperative that campaigners will constantly think of new ways to approach the public and to get people’s attention to the cause.

This paper analyses a recent international campaign, which started in England and spread across Europe and North America. The Atheist Bus Campaign was launched by several British atheist organizations, mainly as a response to pro-Christian campaigns and due to what seems as an antagonistic consensus towards atheistic views. This campaign provides an extremely important case study for a rather efficient manner of social campaign with international spread. Continue reading

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Article Review: “Marketing Logics for Competitive Advantage?” written by Tollin, K & R. Jones, published in European Journal of Marketing

On the basis of fifteen personal semi-structured in-depth interviews, the authors discover the logic of marketing management of corporate marketing executives with a view to determining how such logic can enhance or hamper the formulation of marketing strategy. The results of the study indicate that marketing executives are guided by four main logics, i.e. performance (focus on corporate brand performance figures and measurements), communication (selecting messages to be sent about a brand or product), stakeholder (public relations and meaningful interaction with governmental institutions, employees and employers organizations) and innovation (radical product innovation as the main priority). Within these logics, managers’ orientations were classified as responsive vs. proactive and supporting vs. controlling. Grounded theory methodology was used for data interpretation. Continue reading

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Apple iPod Essay

iPod digital media players ride on a wave of popularity: in April 2007 manufacturer of iPods, Apple, reported “100 millionth iPod has been sold, making the iPod the fastest selling music player in history” . Technologically advanced and user-friendly gadgets gave rise to the new culture – iPod cult, which unites millions of its fans worldwide. Success story of this product draws attention of many researchers and business practitioners.

This paper is focused on the identification and analysis of iPod demand factors. Other specific points of interest include price elasticity factors and some supply related issues. Continue reading

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