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Music Education Research Paper

1 Introduction and Thesis Statement

If there is one issue that unties all policy makers everywhere on the globe, from Jerusalem to Teheran, it would probably be their universal underestimation of music education. As discussed below, by putting music and other arts at the bottom of the educational hierarchy (Robinson, 2006) the American policymaker is about to risk one of the cornerstones of his future in order to save a nickel today. But why is it so?

This paper neither discusses the cultural value of music, nor advocates the importance of preparing the next generation of American Idols. It does not take a stand in such matters. Instead, it presents evidences and ideas from three fields of interest, namely the principal responsibility for the students’ cognitive well-being, developing work moral and promoting innovation, and shows how closely related are these issues to music education in schools. Moreover, looking at the evidence, it is unclear how other components of the education system can compensate for the loss of one its major backbones. Continue reading

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