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Essay: How Do the Brain and Eyes Jointly Process Visual Information

Human vision is a complex process. The brain is the central data processing device, which interprets all the neurological messages that come from all over the body. The eye is an external device like any other sensitive body organ. It is located inside conducting research for the brain.

Man exists in a diverse world of things, situations, and words. The external world is reflected in our consciousness through the senses. It is well known that 90% of all the information people receive through their eyes. However, today science has proved that people actually hear not through their ears and see not through their eyes but through the relevant sections of the cortex, which covers both hemispheres of human brain (Blakemore & Frith, 2005, p. 122). Let us turn to well-known scientific facts. German physicist Hermann Von Helmholtz found that under the laws of optical physics at the snapshots, made by the retina, a surrounded world is captured upside down. Namely, in this way, infants see it at first. As a child is growing up, the brain makes adjustments in the inverted image (Simos, 2001, p. 127).

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