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Country Analysis Paper: Belarus and the Ukraine

1. Introduction. (general information about the two countries, GDP, PPP..etc)

Belarus (Byelorussia, or White Russia) and the Republic of Ukraine are two neighbouring former members of the USSR. As such, both share many points of similarity, but also differ in many aspects, many of which are due to the two countries’ different approaches towards the primary member of the former USSR, namely the Russian Federation, who continues to play a dominant role in the region.

Belarus declared its independence from the USSR in August 1990, but has kept strong economic relations with Russia, whose support in terms of e.g. favourable oil prices to its small ally is the main reason for Belarus’ relatively strong economic performance. However, as described in greater detail in later sections of this paper, the overdependence on Russia poses threats on Belarus.

In addition to being the member of the former USSR (best known today as the Commonwealth of Independent States, or CIS) with the closest relations with Russia, Belarus has also retained a rather communist regime. That is, most of the market is tightly controlled by the government and there are rigid restrictions on the press and freedom of speech. Continue reading


Domestic Service in Germany Research Paper


In this paper I will present results of my research regarding domestic service in Germany. I will also provide the general information about domestic service, what it is used for and by whom, as well as include general points about cultural and economic issues.

1. Introduction

Domestic service is generally referred to as the service provided by a domestic worker who can either live within the employer’s household or come to do the cleaning and other assigned task on particularly established days. Domestic service provide the families with opportunities for doing their own jobs, spending free time the way the want it, as well as create additional working places. Many families have a strong necessity in flexible support in their daily lives, and in Germany this domestic service market has a great potential for development due to mismatch of demand and supply. Thousands of working places can be possibly generated in the sector of domestic service, but only if there are right economic conditions and sufficient investments. Continue reading

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Israel and Palestine Conflict Essay


The below paper is going to provide an in-depth analysis of the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestine. At the beginning of the paper the history of the conflict will be presented followed by the main current issues of dispute. This will be followed by information about how the conflict, and suffering in particular, is represented by media around the world. The paper will also discuss such concepts as Zionism and anti-Semitism, relating them to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Additionally, the papers will touch upon two recent big happenings in the history of the dispute: the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit and the destruction of Abu Aisha building in Jerusalem. It has to be mentioned that the paper deals with a very controversial and very difficult topic, the point of the paper is not to take a side of one of the countries, but to provide information on the conflict that is objective and unpretentious. Continue reading

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Essay: Media Focus on Public Issues

No doubt that media plays important role in the election process. The twentieth century was characterized by the struggle an independent media, as a democratic institution, against propaganda and subjection to the state or interest groups. Today most of the media position themselves as independent and plausible sources of information propelling educated choice and, thus, enabling democracy. However, media has induced a number of side effects: political escapisms from one side and political consumerism from the other, while still arousing doubts in whether media serves the public or is used to the advantage of the candidates and interest groups. Continue reading

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Electoral College Essay

Currently the United States is the example of president elections performed indirectly with an electoral college. The Electoral College consists of 538 popularly elected representatives (“electors”) representing 50 states and one federal district (D.C.), who formally elect the President and Vice President of the United States.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution specifies number of electors entitled to every state (from 3 electors for small states up to 55 for California) and that each state is free to decide how its electors should be chosen. Number of a state’s entitled electors is equal to its total Congressional representation (in both houses); District of Columbia has three electors and non-state territories having zero electors. Normally, the electors cast all their votes for the candidate who won in the popular vote held in their respective states, however in some states there are no legal restrictions for that and, technically, electors can vote differently from the results of popular vote. Continue reading

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