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Research Paper on Promotional Campaign: Analyses of the Atheist Bus Campaign

1 Introduction

Planning and executing a successful campaign is one of the most difficult tasks for political, business and non-governmental organizations. The main reason for that is the immense amount of promotional messages conveyed to the public, which creates a sense of apathy among the target markets or groups. In fact, inhabitants of Western cities are exposed to hundreds or even thousands of such messages a day; therefore, it is imperative that campaigners will constantly think of new ways to approach the public and to get people’s attention to the cause.

This paper analyses a recent international campaign, which started in England and spread across Europe and North America. The Atheist Bus Campaign was launched by several British atheist organizations, mainly as a response to pro-Christian campaigns and due to what seems as an antagonistic consensus towards atheistic views. This campaign provides an extremely important case study for a rather efficient manner of social campaign with international spread. Continue reading

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